In our role as evaluation experts we are put in a position of trust by our clients who need to know that we will not mishandle their confidential information or misrepresent them. For this reason, we work to a strict code of conduct.

Honesty in analysing

We do not believe in manipulating data to support a statement that is not true. We do not condone statistics being used for this purpose and will not undertake work involving this.

We are happy though, to do everything in our power to try and find good news within data, by diving deep into the data and using intelligent filtering techniques. However, we will never manipulate, exaggerate or fabricate the data in order to receive more favourable results.


We regularly sign non-disclosure agreements, and are always happy to do so. Whether we sign one or not, we will treat all information provided as confidential and will not share it outside the Boost team. We will also not publish the fact that we work with you on our website or in marketing communications of any sort without your permission.

Boost Evaluation Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Boost Marketing Ltd, which is the world's first award entry consultancy.

Boost Evaluation Ltd is registered in England and Wales, Company Number: 07672452

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