Many companies use face-to-face exit interviews when employees hand in their notice, and while this is a valuable exercise, it often doesn't reveal the real reason they are leaving.

In the words of CIPD:

"Individuals are likely to be reluctant to voice criticism of their managers, colleagues or the organisation generally, preferring to give some less contentious reason for their departure."

Source: "Employee turnover and retention", CIPD, Revised November 2014
So, to get a true picture, employees need a way to anonymously feed back their reasons for leaving, so that you can then fix the causes of attrition, prevent more talent from leaving and ultimately save your business money from the unnecessary hiring and training of replacements.

This is where we can help. An innovative tool, ExitVue offers a painless way of continuously improving employee retention. It provides a near-instant and continual analysis of the genuine factors that are making people leave, viewable, as a graph on your dashboard, FOR FREE.

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How does it work?

1 An employee hands in their notice. process banner 2 Someone in HR fills in a short online form (or we can upload leavers in batches for an additional fee). process banner
3 ExitVue sends a survey invitation to the leaver, with reminders where nessessary. process banner 4 The leaver completes an anonymous online exit survey (which can be tailored). process banner
5 Whenever you log into ExitVue, you can see a report showing the status of each leaver. process banner 6 When you have at least 3 responses, you can see graphs comparing the factors. process banner

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