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Do you, like us, sell time as your primary commodity?

If so, then you need to manage this vital asset closely.

Our timesheet system, Boost Time, is a tool developed by consultants for consultants, which will allow you to:

  • Allow people to record time spent on projects in a few mouse clicks. The interface is designed to be incredibly quick to use so that people don't waste time when recording time. This means you can justify consultants capturing even short amounts of time spent on accounts, which can really add up!
  • Track the productivity of each member of your team in real time. You can even see their forecast for the end of the month in terms of billable days.
  • Keep on top of deadlines and budgets, with automated emails warning you when budgets have topped 50%, 75% or 100%.
  • Ensure employees end projects on budget, by allowing excess time to be removed where necessary. This is vital in providing a realistic picture of productivity and income.
  • Open, close and invoice projects.
  • Archive away old projects.


The system is designed to be flexible to suit your business. You can add team members, set different day rates for different clients, add notes for clients (often related to billing) and even move time between projects.

A return on investment guaranteed

Boost Time will deliver savings through:

  • Ensuring employees are rewarded based on the time they actually bill on, not just the time that they clock.
  • Speeding up the invoicing process by providing instant totals of time and expenses to add to invoices.
  • Increasing awareness of productivity by giving each employee an instant running total for the month and prediction of their end of month performance in terms of billable days.
  • Giving you early warning of a project's running time, allowing you to request a budget extension before it is too late.

All in all we are so confident that Boost Time will deliver a return on investment that if you find it is not, we will end your contract immediately and refund any money paid since going live*.

*This offer is only available for the first two months after purchasing a full licence.

What now

Boost Time will be launching very soon, so watch this space, but in the meantime if you would like to discuss how Boost Time could revolutionise performance, cash flow and adherence to budgets at your organisation, then please contact us at info@boost-evaluation.com.

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